Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Book By Quanda R. Graves (until)

 Ever since I was young I have always had something to say and any platform that has ever been provided to me, I made sure that whatever I said was worth something. I’ve always felt it was my job. When you learn that you have the power of influence or persuasion I think it should be in your best interest to use it in the best way possible. You never know when it may find it’s way back to you.

Now with that said, my book review column is really for me to share what I find important to me and what I think others can relate to. I once had someone say to me; "You never share any gossip, violence or sex novels and that’s what I am looking for." And trust me, I understand, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for in my book review column then maybe it’s not for you.

My book review is an extension of me and though I care about what my audience is looking for you need to know that means my audience is something very different, like me. Now days we are fluttered with many things that are of no good for us and if I can help it, you will not be getting that from me.

I hope that you can understand that I choose to share with you informative, inspirational, imaginative, somewhat entertaining with a message kinds of books and much more. I love substance and I hope you do too! So I will end with, may you try to enjoy my book reviews because others surely indulge in.


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