Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sailcloth (Oscar Buzz) By Quanda R. Graves

I had an amazing opportunity to see a short film that was about seventeen minutes long with NO dialogue. All I had was a film that commanded my attention, drawing me in emotionally to feel everything that they persuaded me to feel. The film was written and directed by Elfar Adalstein and produced by his production company Beserk Films; and for this film he teamed up with one of UK’s most legendary actors, John Hurts.

Sailcloth is a story of an elderly widower (John Hurts) who begins a journey to disappear from a nursing home. To me, I really enjoyed Sailcloth and I thought it was beautifully captivating yet sad and freeing. I wasn’t able to interview Mr. Adalstein by phone or in person however I got the chance to forward my questions to him and he in turn sent me back the answers and once you read his answers you will most definitely like see the film, meet him and get to know him. I know I do. Please find my Q/A sheet below:
    1. How did you come about this story? Where did it come from?The idea came to me a year after my grandfather died. It spun around the idea of the sheets that kept him down in his nursing-home-bed would become his means of escape.
    2. Was John Hurts the first person that came to mind when getting ready to develop this story? Yes. I wrote it with John in mind so it was absolutely fantastic to get him on board. There is no dialogue in the film so facial expression and subtleness were key. And he does such a wonderful job of it.

 3. You have an extensive resume so you’ve been around for a while. Was there any affect on you when you found that your film had been selected as a 2012 academy short film award candidate? Just to the effect that it is nice to have your work appreciated. I don’t spend much time thinking about awards but I like when people share their opinions with me – be they positive or negative.
   4. Sailcloth is a Grand Jury Prize winner from the Rhode Island Film Festival. Now that it’s getting Oscar Buzz what’s your feeling on that? It’s up to the Academy and there are many fantastic short films out there. I’m just grateful it has had such a warm reception so far.
5.  In all why did you feel you needed to share a story such as this? I guess it’s a farewell vignette of sorts mixed with emotions and memories I needed to release. When I got the initial idea for Sailcloth, I knew I had to make it – and it proved to be cathartic on many levels.
   What do you want others to get from it? Or what do you want to see come from this? I’d like viewers to make their own assumptions. At the heart lies a love story about two spirits rejoining after a time apart, which, for me, makes the film a celebration of courage and love.

And when you see the film there will be no doubt in your mind why Oscar talk is surrounding this film. Would you like to know more about Elfar Adalstein and his film Sailcloth

Please visit and to see the trailer please go to California Crusaders Newspaper and Until TV say, good luck!
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