Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Introducing Damone's Music Review

September 1, 2015

“COMPTON” – Music Review

By Damone

So, I've been listening to "COMPTON" and when I tell you Dr. Dre did that. HE DID THAT. Beginning from Kendrick Lamar, King Mez to Eminem, Ice Cube, Candice Pillay Snoop Dogg, Jill Scott, and Anderson Paak and many more. "COMPTON'' is CERTIFIED.

 It is: Electrifying. Chaotically beautiful. Consciously Raw. Feel Good Music at its best. Nostalgic, tempered. Flaringly GANGSTA...  What you get from that album is that “COMPTON” never left, ain't gone leave and here to stay.

And while I don't condone his past or his macho bravado as untouchable when it comes to women. One thing about Dr. Dre., which you can never take away. HE KNOWS MUSIC. In conclusion "COMPTON" Knocks, goes, Bangs, Rocks, Subs and all of thee, above. That is all.


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