Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Legendary DJ Sidekick by Quanda R. Graves

I had the opportunity to interview your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ; yes ladies and gentlemen, the Legendary, DJ Sidekick. We talked about his beginning era and what’s going on now.

Do you remember back in the day when you needed a DJ? It was only one you could call whose work spoke for itself and because of that, only he solidified how to rock a party? Old school mixed with a little new school with the right cues, the right jams, sliding in scratches along with the stop and go of the beat or the repeat of your favorite line of your favorite song? Unbelievable off the wall entertainment makes you ready to get down and forget about sitting down because song after song captures your feet to become slaves to each beat; as you dance your little heart away.

Well, that is the era that DJ Sidekick was groomed in, now things have changed, the stakes have
been raised very high, where you need social media to take you to new plateaus, where people
are forced to believe you’re only certified if you have a certain amount of followers on Twitter,
Instagram, Facebook and more; moreover you need to have a web presence, people need to 
know you right?! With all of this pressure you’d think that it would be hard to keep up with the 
times and for some, it does present a struggle, while others are left way behind with the obstacle
of reinventing; and lets face it, in his beginning era, he didn’t need all of that. However, DJ Sidekick still remains on top, never missing a beat (not even in his profession that is) and continues to be the elite in his craft, and how did that happen? Simply because he’s been relevant for well over twenty years and never fell off.

DJ Sidekick is only enhancing what he already has, word of mouth started the game, now, he is
just using the so-called standard that others have put in place. Does he need it? No, not when
you’ve been a Deejay for the most eminent and most prominent people in the entertainment
industry such as Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Hart, Dick Clark, Beyonce and more. But though he is
very highly regarded and a favorite among celebrity DJs, he has really flown under the radar. DJ
Sidekick decided to finally open up and share a little about himself. Please see my question and
answer below:

Q: Good afternoon DJ Sidekick how are you?

DJ Sidekick: Hello, I’m fine and you?

Q: I’m great thank you. So please tell me your real name and where you’re from.

DJ Sidekick: My name is James Johnson and I’m from Brooklyn, New York.

Q: I understand in regard to your beginning of music, you used to change records for your
mother’s house parties at the age of four, which I think is awesome. But tell me why did you
become a DJ?

DJ Sidekick: I love music. Music controls me. I was born this way.

Q: What age did you get your first turntable?

DJ Sidekick: I was thirteen.

Q: Can you remember your first celebrity gig?

DJ Sidekick: Wow! My first celebrity gig was for Shaquille O’Neal.

Q: Describe yourself as a DJ?

DJ Sidekick: I would say that I’m a force, a power that cannot be duplicated.

Q: What do you want people to know about you in regard to you and your DJ skills? What keeps
you relevant?

DJ Sidekick: I am an old school DJ with new appeal knowledge.

Q: I know that you’ve been inspired by music legends such as Aretha Franklin, BB King, James
Brown and more; but do you have any DJ influences?

DJ Sidekick: Oh yes, definitely. Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Master Caz, Kid Capri, Red
Alert, Marly Marl, DJ A.M, Jazzy Jeff, the list goes on and on.

Q: Wow! I love that. I’m excited just hearing you mention all of them.

Q: What inspires your music selections for a party?

DJ Sidekick: I sit down with the client and find out their favorite music, their family’s favorite
music and get a feel for them, who they are and their energy and I go from there.

Q: Describe your favorite kind of party to DJ?

DJ Sidekick: It’s going to sound a little funny but, bar mitzvahs.

Q: Bar mitzvahs?

DJ Sidekick: Yes, because they are serious about these parties and it only makes you better.
Makes you hone your craft.

Q: Wow!!! Ok, so two more questions, what’s your favorite place to turn up as a DJ? And when
you’re not being a DJ, what is your favorite pass time?

DJ Sidekick: Vegas clubs are the best because Vegas clubs are like no other energy; and my
favorite pass time, I would say traveling.

Q: I know that you’ve launched your website but what else are you doing now?

DJ Sidekick: Yes I have which is and I am also the resident DJ for the
Chocolate Sundae Comedy Show, every Sunday from 8pm to 12am.

Q: Great, I’m going to have to come and check you out. Thank you so much for the opportunity
to interview you and I look forward to being invited to one of your other turned up events. I wish
you the best in your future endeavors.

DJ Sidekick: Yes, no doubt, I’ll get you in. Thank you so much for interviewing me.

Would you like to know more about DJ Sidekick please visit his website at