Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crafting a Business Reviewed by Quanda R. Graves

Hey my beautiful CCN readers, this is Quanda R. Graves better known as Until, coming to you this week with a commercial book. Now, anyone who knows me know that I am a strong entrepreneur promoter and if I can ever provide assistance I will; and with that being said, I'm going to promote a special book today:

Crafting a Business; Making Money Doing What you Love;
By Kathie Fitzgerald

I absolutely loved this book. This book featured more than a few women making their creative passion work for them in lucrative fashion; not only that, but being happy doing so. Each woman told their story; their beginning, their faith, their fear, no funding, audacious mistakes and their outcomes. This book is truly inspirational, informative, encouraging and resourceful.

The first half of the book features the women and the second half of the book is how to take the necessary steps on what to do to start a business; the necessities and resources needed for your businesses. Such as, names, websites and numbers for any and everything like mentors, funding, ideas and loans. This book is excellent. I only wish they added more women. Too empowering to put down. I suggest you go get this book.

Get your copy today at http://www.amazon.com/ for $13.57

In the spirit of Entrepreneurship please direct your attention to the latest "Entrepreneurs" on the Serious Business Blog: seriousb.blogspot.com created by Until.

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Chocolate Me by Until...

What’s going on everybody?! Hope all is well. I just heard about a new children’s book by Taye Diggs called Chocolate Me. Chocolate Me is about teaching the message to our youth to be comfortable in their own skin. Taye Diggs says, he was uncomfortable in his own skin because he lived in a neighborhood where nobody looked like him.

“My mother took me aside and gave me my first lesson about self-esteem and who I was.” As he shared with Wendy Williams, he further explained that the book Chocolate Me derived from a poem he wrote in college. I personally think that it’s a great message and I plan on purchasing this book very soon. However if you would like to purchase Taye Diggs’s new book entitled Chocolate Me please visit www.amazon.com and the price is $10.98 for a hardcover copy. 

Enjoy as I hope to and remember to tune in every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm to the Until & Harmony Live Radio Show on www.everybodyradio.com. Until next time, keep reading!

Finding Love Magazine by Until...

How are you my “Until's Book of Week” column readers! Smile. I thought I would share with you today an exclusive. There is a new magazine coming this April and the name of this magazine is called Finding Love Magazine. The launching of this magazine is happening March 31st along with a speed-dating event. The magazine is to cover everything about love and this particular issue will have articles by many, including yours truly, yes “Until.”

The “Finding Love Magazine” for April will have these subjects to read about:

*Top 10 dating tips
*Online dating on the rise
*Finding the one
*Is love in the cards?

As well as great articles, and if you want to know more about “The Finding Love Magazine” please go to www.findinglovemagazine.comYou should go to the event to because it's going to be fun! Until next week, same page, same column and as always thanks for reading.

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Exactly As I Am Reviewed by Quanda R. Graves (Until)

There are many things that are dear to my heart and one of them are young ladies that have low self-esteem issues. It bothers me to see and know such beautiful ladies looking in the mirror and seeing something totally opposite. Then turning to TV, magazines and many other mediums as their savior and use it as a fashion religion to believe that if they transform themselves into a person of false existence, dressing provocatively, comparing themselves to others while putting on pounds of making up because they want to be cool, or sexy before their time, and/or because they want to get some young man’s attention, kills me. (Sorry Tangent) Seems as though no one is really talking to them to let them know how important it is to take it slow and just enjoy the developing stages of who they are about to become. This is why I decided to share this book with you called “Exactly as I Am” by Access Hollywood’s very own Shaun Robinson.

Exactly as I Am, is a book that seems to target those nagging things that we, really, whether young or mature find to bother us which also somewhat causes our insecurities which sparks such drastic changes within us. With this book Shaun called on some very heavy hitters that a lot of us look to for fashion, beauty, sexiness, confidence, leadership and more because often we view these women without flaws, perfect. Some of these women Shaun picked are very far ranged and eclectic, starting with anyone from Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Diane Sawyer, India Arie, Iman, Sharon Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, to Tichina Arnold, Sheila E, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Queen Latifah, Gloria Estefan and non other than Oprah with many more.  You won’t believe how much we all have in common.

In Exactly as I Am, Robinson shares both the honest comments she’s heard from young women and the heartfelt and encouraging advice she’s been in the rare position to glean from today’s most notable women. Trust and believe that this book will inspire you and all of the young ladies you know to find your inner strength and help you to believe in yourselves. If you want to know more about Shaun Robinson and her book please visit www.shaunrobinson.com as well as www.calcrusnews.com.  
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Dining In Reviewed by Quanda R. Graves (Until)

I have a few chef’s that I’m very fond of which are the following: Guiada De Laurentiis, Emeril Lagasse’s and last but not al all least, G. Garvin. I love watching him cook; like Guiada and Emeril, he has his own style, and he makes cooking exciting and desirably obtainable. He leads you to believe you could actually accomplish one of his meals that he makes so effortlessly. LOL!

I’ve recently purchased two of G. Garvin’s books as a birthday present and I tell you I couldn’t be happier. Though I’m missing one more book to his collection I can assure you that I will be getting it very soon. The two books I have are 1. Turn up the heat with G. Garvin and 2. G. Garvin’s Dining In. Let’s talk about Dining In because that’s the one I’m going to begin cooking with.

Dining In features one hundred and fifty special dishes and I can’t wait to attempt to experiment with some of them. The dishes I’m most interested in for now are, The Pan Seared Snapper, The Linguine with lemon cream and sautéed scallops and lastly his amazing looking Chicken Breast stuffed with goat cheese, basil and sun-dried tomato’s. Oh my goodness my mouth is watering as I type this. (Smile)

If you want to know more about G. Garvin, purchase his book and see videos of him make magic in the kitchen then check out www.chefgarvin.com. For more books don’t hesitate to visit www.calcrusnews.com and the new CCN blog which is www.cnnbooks.blogspot.com

Until next week, happy reading!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shades of Retribution by Quanda R. Graves

Have you ever been one of those people that saw something that needed to be changed but all you did was talk about it, never did you become part of the action to see that change become granted? Me to. But the ladies in this book called Shades of Retribution by Chandra Adams don’t seem to have that problem at all.

If you’re like me, you enjoy at times reading books with a plot, a plan and a great back -story; this book is about four women that feel there aren’t enough good men to go around so they start kidnapping them right off the street. Ooo wee I have to admit I was on the edge of my seat, scooting up and back, raising my eyebrows and talking out loud. LOL!!! This book read like a movie.

The book really hits on some hard topics with women like insecurities, common sense, color issues and following there own mind which leads them in the first place. For some, this book has aroused some sensitive spots, for others, you will identify with a character or two and the rest will say “ I have friends like that right now!” But overall I believe you will enjoy this book. Besides we all need to get a little worked up sometimes, stimulation is healthy. 

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Ultimate Power… Enemy within the ranks Reviewed by Quanda R. Graves (Until)

I remember when something bad happened to me and I took the necessary steps to enforce that things became rectified, however I still didn’t receive justice, gratification or victory the way I envisioned and if this has ever happened to you than you know exactly what I mean. 

So you decided to find another way to somehow fill the void of what you felt you deserved and not what was thrown at you. From what I hear this is exactly what Linda A. Fischer did with her book; Ultimate Power… Enemy Within the Ranks.

Linda speaks on her time spent in the military and the obscene disgusting unfortunate incident that took place between her and her commanding officer… her, being RAPED in the military. The reviews for this book have been absolutely supportive and forthright. One of the reviews came from Sherian G. Cadoria Brigadier General, US Army, Retired and she expressed that the book was: Emotionally wrenching! Provoking! And, if a woman who has worn a uniform reads this dramatic story, perhaps she might say, “I have been there, too.”

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are very serious issues that women deal with everyday and Linda A. Fischer took it upon herself to share her personal story with hopes of letting other women know that they are not alone. To find out more information on where to purchase her book and about Ms. Linda A. Fischer please visit her website: www.lindafischer.com. As well as www.calcrusnews.com.
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