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Mother Teresa by Until...

Since it’s Thanksgiving I thought the person and book that I’m going to share with you would be most appropriate. Mother Teresa. Those who know of her please smile. But first, I’d like to share a few tidbits of my life and how it coincides with the Mother Teresa.

My mother is an evangelist and when I was younger I used to attend convalescents homes with her and help feed, wash, change, sing and read to the elderly.  I also used to accompany her downtown when she would go to feed the homeless, give them money and provide them with bible tracks and prayer.

There were even a few times I would wake up in the morning and find a few less fortunate’s in the living room, because of course they stayed the night. For some reason that never bothered me though, I guess because she taught me at an early age to always help when I can in any way that I can when the Lord allows. And though those values of sharing, giving, loving and helping are still with me today I’ve always wondered why she wanted to do that? So I asked why? She explained when you dedicate your life to the Lord it’s the spirit of the Lord that you are guided by.

My mother always talked about Mother Teresa and the work she did. So as I got older I learned more about her. Mother Teresa was as saint who dedicated her life to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and He guided her to share her love, help with charities, service the poor, provide prayer. She was always one to explain the value of family, the role of suffering and the dignity of every human being. To find out more about Mother Teresa the book is called Mother Teresa; Her essential Wisdom and if you’re interested, her website is www.motherteresa.org.

I want you all to have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember if you can help anywhere please do so because not everyone has it so good. Please help by donating to California Crusaders Newspaper; toys, food, clothes and/or monetary gifts are suitable to help the less fortunate.

Thank you Mother Teresa and mom for your love and contributions all of these years. 


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Until: A Dream in a Year by Until...

Can you believe it has been a full year that I have been the literary columnist for this fabulous paper? Yes, that’s right California Crusaders Newspaper. It was just a year ago that a guy by the name of Odell Body heard my segment on the Sunset & Gumbo radio show entitled “Until’s Book of the Week” and because he found it interesting he passed on what he heard to the California Crusaders Newspaper’s editor (Ms. Henderson). She asked to speak with me, we spoke and the next thing I know another one of my dreams had come true. I became a journalist and literary columnist all in one year. Wow!

It’s amazing how things happen. God is good I tell ya! You never know who is listening or sharing your information. This has truly been a blessing because I have my own style of writing, I like things to be fresh and new and I enjoy changing things up a bit and to have a chance to express myself in any writing form is great but to have the support in that has been wonderful. I’m ever grateful.

So I just want to take the time to say thank you to Odell Body, Ms. Henderson, all of my supporters/readers and last but not at all least the great authors we discover every week together. I can’t wait to share the changes I’ve made this year to my column. I wouldn’t be living my dream if it weren’t for you. I will resume next week. Until then keep reading the books I love to share and more. If you'd like to know more of what I do, would like to read more of my writings, please explore my website at www.untilnomore.net. Enjoy and thank you!

Don’t forget to tune in Wednesdays for the Until & Harmony Live Radio Show on www.everybodyradio.com from 8pm to 10pm. Until...

Playground By Until…

For those that don’t know I sometimes speak in my articles about Anti-Bullying and I’m also apart of a group “Leave Me Alone: Stop The Bullying” on Facebook. Now, I know I said I would just do all Christmas books this month but I just had to slide this in with hopes that maybe for the new year people will adapt and help make a change. Hopefully get this book and help become a part of the solution by giving this book to whom it will help.

Rapper 50cent has a new book out called “Playground” which is a young adult novel for the ages of thirteen (13) and up and it was inspired by his own adolescence. The main character of the book is called “Butterball” and 50 cent says it’s about the redemption of a teenage bully (So it’s written from the perspective of being the bully).

50 cent also says he was one that used to be apart of the problem when he was younger and as an adult he can see how the things he did wrong affected others. He also see’s how kids are doing things now (in regard to his son) and since he has the ability to try and change it, help with it in some way that’s what he is doing with this book.
I ask that you please stop the bullying and those that can help with stopping it please do so. Just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Nobody likes getting pushed around or hurt. Join many others like Tyra, Banks, 50 cent and many others to help so the bullying.

 Please visit the website of the Huffington Post to see 50 cent’s interview about the book, bullying and discussions at www.huffingtonpost.com. To purchase his book “Playground” please visit www.amazon.com for about $12.23. Until next time, keep your hands to yourself because you don’t others to put their hands on you.
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