Monday, December 29, 2014

Special Edition: "Until's Book of the Week

Hey everyone! Remember me? That’s right, it’s me, Until. I know its been a minute, and I’m sorry I left you hanging but I had to take an abrupt hiatus to deal with life for a second and put the finishing touches on a long awaited dream of mine, and make it back to share it with you.

Now, I’ve been giving you “Until’s Book of the Week” on the radio and in the California Crusaders Newspaper (CCN), for a good two years and I have to say, although I’ve enjoyed sharing them all; however, this one, is near and dear to my heart. Well, what’s so special about this one you ask? 
This time, the “Until’s Book of the Week” is introducing yours truly, me. Black Swan Publishing presents, my very first poetry edition, I Just Want to Write! Hooray! Aren’t you proud of me?
I Just Want to Write is a collection of my poems and essays created to imprint the journey of my love affair with the three P’s; pen, paper and pencil. Which illustrates my dreams, ambitions and desires; with hopes of inspiring, encouraging and uplifting all who will read it. 

 I Just Want to Write, is my soul inscribed for all to bear. If you would like to purchase my book please visit my website at and please keep an eye out for my line of greeting cards come January called Simple Treasures. Until next time, keep reading, especially, my book. *Smile*

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tom Benedict Knight

By Quanda R. Graves 
Tom Benedict Knight is by far the most fun guy I think I’ve ever interviewed. He’s bright, positively upbeat and so alive. If you don’t know who Tom Knight is, it won’t take long. He first busted on the scene in 2011in the movie Kick Ass 2 and then Dracula Untold which is a great movie by the way. Tom also played the role of Dash, the younger brother and fellow escapologist  along side  Oscar winner Adrien Brody in a four-hour miniseries called Houdini, which was aired on Labor Day.

Tom then took everyone by storm when he took the starring role of the movie called God the Father of a true story which is about a reformed Mob Boss, Michael Franzese; Which is safe to say the uncanny look between the two, why wouldn’t he play that role, right? He says that he was blown away when he got the part and Tom tells me that it was such a wonderful experience because he was on set with him everyday. He also expressed at one point while on the set he realized he was in the same studio as Iceman, to be apart of this was just Wow, as well as a little eerie. God the Father came out October 31st and Tom received rave reviews.

Tom is an amazing talent and I also found out something so cool about him. I found that one of the quirky yet crazily amazing things about Tom is that he is a chameleon of being able to do thirty one, yes, you heard me, thirty-one accents in a single take. Don’t believe me, check out his Youtube channel. I had the pleasure of hearing a couple. It’s truly a wowing experience. How can he do that? Right?!

I asked Tom what’s next for him and he simply replied with  “just to keep getting better.” His favorite pass time is spending it with family and working out.  As you can see Tom Benedict Knight has already grabbed our hearts. Would you like to find out more about Tom Benedict Knight? Google him. Follow him on

***This article has been published in California Crusaders Newspaper in Volume 26-No. 49 in issue December 4th - December 10th of 2014;

****This article has been published on the London Flair PR website;