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Mark Revell: The Composer behind the Music of LG’s Signature astounding Commercial Q&A

 Mark Revell: The Composer behind the Music of LG’s Signature astounding Commercial Q&A
By Quanda R. Graves

Hello Mark:
As you know I’m Quanda R. Graves with the California Crusader Newspaper
In conjunction with Until TV and EIN.  I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you today.
Shall we begin?

                QRG: I became quite fascinated with the new 2017 LG signature Commercial’s music, as well as others, that I just had to find out who created that beautiful “forever has you suspended” in time, masterpiece. So I looked it up and found that the piece is called “Into the New” by Mark Revell. I must ask, what was the inspiration behind this piece? And share with me your composing process for it?

MR: Hi Quanda, and first of all thank you for asking me about myself and my music. “Into the New” has actually had quite a long evolution. I first started playing around with the chord sequence over 10 years ago and at that point it was a rock sound, a little like a Pink Floyd song or something! Then a few years later I was scoring a documentary and borrowed it from myself, re-wrote it for strings and used it for a climactic point in that film. Then when I was asked by West One music to write classy powerful string pieces for one of their albums, I changed the arrangement around a bit, speeded it up and added the soaring violin melody over the top.

              QRG: “Into the New” is such a resonating piece that to hear it every time, it just feels new. You catch our attention from the beginning, you take us on a ride, you peek us, cliff hang us and journey us through streams and bring us right back to the beginning. This is all of two minutes or less. Was
QRG & Mark Revell Composer-LG
Commercial page 2 CCN
that your intent? Or do you even see it that way?

MR: It was always my intention to create an exciting piece with a fresh, uplifting feel. I love the textures of composers like Phillip Glass and Michael Nyman, but wanted to write something that evolved much quicker and in a more surprising way. I find the churning interlocking cellos overlaid with expressive violins can convey emotion like very little else.

        QRG: Mark, tell me how you began in music and landed here?
MR: I have been interested in music from a very young age, about 5 or 6, and learnt recorder, violin, piano, oboe and guitar throughout my school years. I went to a music college and then began playing in bands soon after I graduated, as I have always loved rock, pop and funk as well as having a good grounding in classical stuff. I was the guitarist in a band called The Egg for years and then moved in composing for TV and other media after writing a TV theme tune with them.

              QRG: Are you aware of the impact that music have on people? If so, how strong is it for you?
MR: Of course, I think music has the ability to move people emotionally in ways that other art forms don’t come close to. It’s a very primal thing, the need to make noise with your voice or hitting a log-drum! And the need to organize those sounds to mean something. Music communicates feelings like nothing else. “All art constantly aspires to the condition of music”-Walter Pater

            QRG: “Into the New” brought me to you and I am now an admirer. How do you feel about your music having the ability to do that? And what are your thoughts?

MR: I feel extremely pleased and was overwhelmed by the number of emails and messages I received from people hearing it on the LG Signature in the City commercial. I’m sure all composers ultimately want their music to touch people in this way. My thoughts were “I must be doing something right here, how can I do it again!”

              QRG: You have a range of bespoke composition, classical and studio electronics. What other kind of music do you like?

MR: I like music of all sorts in a large variety of different genres, but I think my favorite area is orchestral music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly the French tradition of Faure, Ravel and especially Debussy, and also the piano music of Debussy and Ravel.

                  QRG: The music that you create, do they stem from how your brain work, or is it created from a feel or it just has to be an inspiration? Or all of the above?

MR: I think all of the above really. An idea for a piece can come from many sources, obviously hearing someone else’s music can often inspire you, but also films, books, paintings, the weather....!

                QRG: Do you have a favorite score by someone else? Also, what is your favorite piece of your own music? And how do you feel about people wanting to sample your music?

MR: My favorite score is probably The Planet Suite by Gustav Holst, it really is a pinnacle of human artistic endeavor, in my humble opinion. Fantastic melodies, incredible orchestration and a sense of wonderful timelessness. The opening violin figures of the 4th movement, Jupiter, were definitely an inspiration for the strings on “Into the New”, which is also one of my favorites of my own music. I am also very happy with an orchestral piece of mine called Enchanted Forest (Big Screen Music, Nocturnes), very much inspired by the music of Debussy. I’m quite happy for people to sample my music, provided it’s done legally and I receive my fair share of royalties!

    QRG: When you’re not doing music, what is your favorite pass time?

MR: Reading, walking the dogs, making things out of wood with my 10 year old son....I recently discovered skiing is my absolute favorite thing to do, but that is limited to once a year at the most, as we don’t have too much snow in the south of England these days!

     QRG: Last but not at all least. What is next for Mark Revell?

MR: Always to improve my musical knowledge, ability and breadth of work. I would really love to compose for more feature length films or documentaries.

QRG: Mark, it was truly an honor and thank you so much for allowing this interview. I wish you continued success and please do keep me in mind for any exclusives. Warmly, Quanda R. Graves.

Check out Mark Revell's musical piece below called "Into the New":

Quanda R. Graves
Journalist & Literary Columnist
Author, Poet and CEO of QS Simple Treasures GC
California Crusader Newspaper
Until TV/EIN

Friday, December 1, 2017

UMR: Thor Ragnarok


Hey everyone! It's Until's Movie Review.

So, I finally tore myself away from work and my husband and I went to see Thor Ragnarok.
I will start off by saying, what a great movie!
The story line, the setting, the graphics, the characters and my God the humor.
Please tell me there were others excited to finally see that the Hulk could talk. Yes! I know I was.
Thor Ragnarok was action packed, excitingly fun and hilariously funny.

I have to say though I'm always rooting for the good guys, on this hand I truly enjoyed the villain. Cate Blanchett came in strong, aggressive and sexy. Loved it, loved her.

Some of my favorite sayings "I've been falling for 30 minutes"
"Yes! Now you know how it feels" "Please don't cut my hair fine sir" and many more. But those lines had me crying laughing. Tessa Thompson did such a great job I see she beefed up for the part. Honestly she never dissappoints.

I love Chris Hemsworth as Thor and while he carries his own, his brother in character Tom Hiddleston as Loki does to and their chemistry makes this movie what it is. Mark Ruffalo has always been like the underdog to me and now it's nice to see through out Avengers and Thor journey he is blossoming nicely.

There is more to discuss but I'm done. Go see it.


UMR: Gridlock

“An Irish spin on an American style thriller”

Completely stopped, horrific traffic jam and frustration is setting in. You and your daughter just sitting in your car and waiting for this hot mess to move.

Well, how does your daughter disappear from a car that was only seating you and her?
That’s the mystery to this exciting thriller. Everyone is a suspect. Will he find her? Will he find out who did it? Will he get his daughter back is the bigger question?

Gridlock is a must see.