Friday, December 1, 2017

UMR: Thor Ragnarok


Hey everyone! It's Until's Movie Review.

So, I finally tore myself away from work and my husband and I went to see Thor Ragnarok.
I will start off by saying, what a great movie!
The story line, the setting, the graphics, the characters and my God the humor.
Please tell me there were others excited to finally see that the Hulk could talk. Yes! I know I was.
Thor Ragnarok was action packed, excitingly fun and hilariously funny.

I have to say though I'm always rooting for the good guys, on this hand I truly enjoyed the villain. Cate Blanchett came in strong, aggressive and sexy. Loved it, loved her.

Some of my favorite sayings "I've been falling for 30 minutes"
"Yes! Now you know how it feels" "Please don't cut my hair fine sir" and many more. But those lines had me crying laughing. Tessa Thompson did such a great job I see she beefed up for the part. Honestly she never dissappoints.

I love Chris Hemsworth as Thor and while he carries his own, his brother in character Tom Hiddleston as Loki does to and their chemistry makes this movie what it is. Mark Ruffalo has always been like the underdog to me and now it's nice to see through out Avengers and Thor journey he is blossoming nicely.

There is more to discuss but I'm done. Go see it.


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